What is this all about?

This site attempts to cover all that is interesting about UNT sports.

MGN has been primarily a one-man operation since inception circa 2009. While it was primarily a hobby while I worked at the mall, it evolved into a thing.

Who are you?

I am an alumnus of good ol’ UNT. I attended during the Dark Period under Todd Dodge. For now, MGN HQ is in Saint Louis, MO, however I make my way down to Denton to get drinks from Fry & the Square. I’ve been a life-long sports fan (read: since I stopped watching Bugs Bunny at age 10) and a North Texas fan once I figured I’d head here over UT, Houston, and TTU.

So, although I don’t have too much first-hand knowledge of the twin glory periods of North Texas history, I get it.

There is a podcast?

Yes, it can be found here. The iTunes feed is here. The non-iTunes feed is here.

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I do web stuff, among other things. I’ve been internetting for a while. I write about UNT sports ($), some soccer ($) and the San Antonio Spurs when the mood strikes (free)